How to get a Free iPad From the Government?

Apple iPads are popular due to their and vast range of apps, modern style, easy navigation system. They’re preferred for their versatility, serving as tools for education, work, entertainment, and creativity. They also announce programs like “how to get a free iPad from the government“.

Apple’s ecosystem integration, seamless syncing with other Apple devices, and regular updates make them a convenient choice. The brand’s strong reputation for quality and reliability also contributes to their popularity. Additionally, iPads offer a wide selection of accessories and support services.

How to get a Free iPad From the Government

In this post, I will guide you how to get an iPad through the government, top programs available, eligibility criteria, documents needed and application process via website and email. Let’s jump to our topic now.

How to Get a Free iPad from the Government via ACP and Lifeline Program?

To get a free tablets and iPads from the government, explore programs like Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Process How to get a Free iPad From Government

Lifeline helps low-income people with phone bills and sometimes offers discounted iPads. ACP provides discounts on high-speed internet and devices like iPads for those who qualify. You must have low income levels or participation in government assistance programs including Medicaid and SNAP. Participating providers like RBC or Verizon offer discounted iPads.

While getting a brand-new iPad for free might be challenging, older models or used iPads are more likely options. Contact providers for more information.

What Is ACP?

what is ACP

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government initiative aimed at helping households afford internet access for various needs like work, education, and healthcare. The program provides discounts on broadband services and connected devices, including iPads.

Applying for Lifeline and ACP

In order to find out how to get a free iPad from the government, you need to follow following simple steps:

Free gov tablet apply
Step 1: Determine Eligibility:
  • Household income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Participation in certain assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or receiving a Federal Pell Grant may also qualify you.
Step 2: Apply for the Programs:
  • Visit to apply online or print out a mail-in application.
  • Ensure all information is accurately filled out.
Step 3: Contact a Participating Provider:
  • Reach out to your preferred internet service provider after applying.
  • Select a plan that is best for you and you can submit coupon code to get concession on your bill.
  • Some providers may require an alternative application process.
Step 4: Understand the Benefits:
  • The program offers up to $29 per month for mobile data service and up to $100 towards the purchase of a tablet or iPad.
  • Enhanced benefits are available for households on qualifying Tribal lands.
Step 5: Consumer Protections:
  • The ACP makes sure you’re protected when you use it. You can pick the internet plan that fits what you need, and you can get broadband services even if you don’t have good credit.
Step 6: Follow Up:
  • For queries or help, send email at or contact their customer service at this number (877) 384-2575.
  • If there are issues with your ACP provider, you can submit a complaint.
Step 7: Stay Informed:
  • Keep updated with news and resources available on the FCC’s ACP page.

Receiving Your iPad

  • Once eligible and enrolled in Lifeline and ACP services, reach out to a participating provider.
  • Some providers offer iPads or tablets upon enrollment.
  • Contact the ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575 to get the $99 credit upon iPad.
  • Participating providers may handle the process of obtaining the iPad for you.
  • Remember, while ACP covers up to $99 for your iPad, you’ll need to pay a portion of the purchase price.

By following these steps, eligible individuals can apply for the ACP and Lifeline programs to potentially receive a free or heavily discounted iPad, ensuring access to essential resources for work, education, and more.

How to get a Free iPad From the Government through Grant?

Government grants, funded by federal, state, or local authorities, are financial rewards designated to support specific projects or groups of people. These grants can extend to providing tablets or iPads to eligible individuals or organizations.

1. Daniela’s Wish

Daniela’s Wish aims to bring smiles to children in need. Interested individuals can fill out a “Wish Referral Form,” and if selected, the child will receive their wish, which could include an iPad.

2. Cerner Charitable Foundation

The Cerner Charitable Foundation provides grants to assist children with medical conditions where an iPad could benefit their condition. For instance, it could aid in communication skills or learning for children with related diagnoses.

3. Danny’s Wish

Danny’s Wish offers iPads to children diagnosed on the autism spectrum from low-income families. Household income must be below $69,000 per year, and access to a computer is required for the application process.

How to Get Your Free iPad Through Government Grant?

Step 1: Explore the available grant programs and their requirements.

Step 2: Ensure you meet the criteria outlined by the specific grant program.

Step 3: Complete and submit the application for the chosen grant program.

Step 4: Wait for the grant organization to check your application and select recipients.

Step 5: If chosen, you will receive your iPad as per the terms of the grant program.

Government grants offer opportunities for individuals in need to acquire iPads. By researching and applying to suitable grant programs, eligible individuals can access these valuable resources to support education, communication, and overall well-being.

Getting Your iPad from Non-Profit Organizations

Definition NPO

Non-profit organizations has very important function in helping communities through charitable donations and assistance programs. While they may not always offer free iPads directly, individuals in need can explore various avenues within their community to acquire one through these organizations.

How to Access Government iPad?

Following are top 4 ways to access your government iPad:

1. Religious Organizations

Many churches and religious organizations strive to give back to their communities. While they may not have iPads readily available, speaking with someone at your local church could lead to the discovery of a gently used device donated for such purposes.

2. Local Libraries

Check bulletin boards at local libraries where community members often post requests or offers. By sharing your need for iPad, you might find someone willing to help or donate a device.

3. School Systems

If you need an iPad for educational purposes, reach out to your child’s school system. While they may not provide free iPads outright, some districts offer loaner iPads for home use, especially for students in need.

4. Online Markets

Keep an eye on local markets online like Twitter, LinkedIn social media platforms. While not always free, you can sometimes find affordable options for used or older models that fit within your budget.

Grant Programs by Non-Profit Organizations

NWA Apraxia Support:
  • Offers grants to individuals facing Apraxia or similar conditions, which can include funds for essential equipment like iPads.
Modest Need Grant:
  • Offers brief financial assistance to families facing temporary crises, including help in acquiring necessary devices like iPads.
United Healthcare Children’s Foundation:
  • Offers various health-related services, including assistance in covering expenses for essential devices like iPads. You can also visit their official site.
Cerner Charitable Foundation:
  • Provides grants for children with medical conditions where an iPad or tablet could aid in communication or learning.
Daniela’s Wish:
  • Grants wishes to children in need, potentially including an iPad, upon selection through their wish referral process.
Danny’s Wish:
  • Provides iPads to children with autism spectrum disorders from low-income families, aiming to enhance their lives through technology.

These organizations, through their grant programs and charitable efforts, provide avenues for individuals in need to get a free iPad from the government. By contacting these entities and exploring contacts you have in your community, you can obtain valuable assistance to support their education and communication.

Free iPad Models Available

When you’re thinking about getting iPad, it’s really important to know about the different kinds of iPads you can choose from. Each iPad model has its own features and abilities, so it’s good to pick the one that fits what you need. Let’s take a look at some of the usual iPad types you might find through different programs or groups that give them away. We’ll also compare how they’re different in terms of what they can do.

SpecificationiPad (9th Gen)iPad Mini (6th Gen)iPad Air (4th Gen)iPad Pro (5th Gen)
Display10.2-inch Retina8.3-inch Liquid Retina10.9-inch Liquid Retina11-inch / 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR
ProcessorA13 Bionic chipA15 Bionic chipA14 Bionic chipM1 chip
Storage Options64GB or 256GB64GB or 256GB64GB or 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB
Camera8MP rear, 12MP front12MP Wide rear, 12MP front12MP rear, 7MP front12MP Wide, 10MP Ultra Wide rear, 12MP TrueDepth front
Battery LifeUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hours
Other FeaturesTouch ID, Apple Pencil (1st gen), Smart Keyboard compatibleTouch ID, Apple Pencil (2nd gen), USB-CTouch ID, Apple Pencil (2nd gen), USB-CFace ID, Apple Pencil (2nd gen), Thunderbolt / USB 4

The Impact of the free iPad Programs

Following is the impact of iPad programs on common individuals:

  1. Helping with Schoolwork: iPads can help students with their schoolwork. They can use them to read books, do homework, and learn new things.
  2. Learning New Skills: iPads are like little computers. With them, people can learn how to use different programs and apps, which can help them find jobs later on.
  3. Finding Information: Having an iPad means you can find out about lots of things. You can read news and learn about different topics.
  4. Getting Ready for Jobs: Many jobs today need people who are good with technology. By giving out iPads, the government is helping more people get ready for these jobs.

These programs are vital as they ensure that everyone has the chance to learn and succeed in today’s world. It’s important to support these programs so that everyone can have access to technology and the chance to do great things.

Wrap Up

In order to find an answer to how to get a free iPad from the government, we talked about The government and non-profit organizations which offer iPad programs to help people access technology and improve their lives. iPads are popular because they can be used for many things like learning, working, and entertainment. Apple, the company that makes iPads, is known for making good products that work well together.

To get a free iPad from the government, people can apply for programs like Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). These programs help low-income individuals and families afford internet access and devices like iPads. Applying involves checking if you qualify, filling out an application, and reaching out to your provider.

Non-profit organizations also give out iPads through grant programs. These organizations help people facing different challenges, like medical conditions or financial difficulties.

By getting iPads, people can do things like schoolwork, learn new skills, find information, and get ready for jobs. These programs are important because they make sure everyone has a chance to use technology and succeed in life.


How can I get a free iPad for Stedents?

There are various programs available for students to get these iPads, such as through school districts, government initiatives like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), or non-profit organizations. Check with your school or explore eligibility criteria for these programs.

Is it possible to get iPad with Medicaid?

Some programs offer discounted iPads for individuals with Medicaid. You can inquire with Medicaid offices or participating providers to learn about available options and eligibility requirements.

Can I get iPad with food stamps (EBT)?

Certain assistance programs like SNAP (food stamps) may offer benefits that include discounts on technology devices like iPads. Explore available programs and eligibility criteria in your area to see if you qualify.

How can I participate in iPad giveaway?

Keep an eye out for promotional events or giveaways by companies, organizations, or government agencies. Follow their social media channels, sign up for newsletters, or visit their websites regularly for announcements about iPad giveaways.

Are there free iPad programs for low-income families?

Yes, there are programs specifically designed to provide free or discounted iPads for low-income families. These programs may be offered by government agencies, non-profit organizations, or companies. Research available options and eligibility criteria to apply.

Is there a legit way to get iPad from the government?

Yes, there are legitimate government programs like Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that offer free or subsidized iPads for eligible individuals. Follow the application process outlined by these programs to apply and receive a free government iPad.

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