Online Application Form to get Free Tablet [Apply Online]

Having a tablet has now become more necessary for work, and at colleges. But, lots of low income families in the US struggle to buy these important tablets or phones. I appreciate the fact that government knows the necessity of these tablets in this technological era!

This is why, government has announced certain programs to give free government tablets to seniors and students and uploaded an online application form to get free tablet in this regard. The Lifeline program and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) are two big components of this government benefit program. They offer tablet and network access to families having no income sources. Through this ACP, tablets are given to those in government assistance programs.

This article will help you understand how to get a tablet through these government programs. I will show you how you can fill out its online application form, eligibility requirements, documentation and how to submit your online form.

Is government giving Free Government Tablets?

Yes, almost all US states give tablets to help people who can’t afford them. This is to make sure everyone can learn, and keep in touch with one another. For example, students from low-income families might get tablets for research and technological updates. seniors and those with disabilities also get help to stay connected.

If you’re low-income, gov has introduced few special programs for you. Non-profit groups and firms may also give tablets for free and medicines if you fill out your online form. If you can’t find a tablet, you can inquire your local firm or the Salvation Army whether are willing to help you in this.

Where to find Online Application Form to get Free Tablet?

In order to find an online application form for a tablet, you’ll be required to contact with few providers or gov benefit programs which might be offering free government tablets.

Online Application Form to get Free Tablet

I have explained few sources in this regard for your ease:

Government Help

You can search for government programs like Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) or Lifeline. Look on their websites for a part about tablets. Fill in the online application form they have there.

Internet or Phone Companies

Go to the websites of companies that give tablets. Find the section about how to apply and fill in their form online.

Groups Helping People

Look into groups like non-profits, NGOs, or churches. They might work with the government to give out such tablets. Check their websites or contact them to ask how to apply.


If you’re a student, ask your school. Some schools help students get tablets. Check the school website or talk to the school office.

Community Centers

Visit local community centers as they might give out free android tablets. Visit their websites or contact them to ask about applying.

Who is Eligible for a Tablet through the Government?

It is the first thing you need to ensure before you begin filling out your online application form to get free tablet.

Free govt tablets eligibility

It comprises following independent requirements:

Documents RequirementsCommon Eligibility Criteria
A valid photo IDHousehold income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
Proof of eligibilityParticipation in federal assistance programs (SNAP, Medicaid, FPHA, etc.)
Proof of income or student statusPell Grant recipients, school lunch program participants, and US residency
Contact information
Proof of residence
Income verification or a salary slip

Specific Requirements: Requirements may differ by state and organization. Visit the official website to confirm specific criteria for your area.

Explore Alternative Options: If you’re missing documents, try to get them before applying. Complete applications increase your chances of approval.

Consider Additional Resources: If you’re facing financial hardship, explore other programs like food stamps. These resources can offer valuable assistance.

Keep in mind that eligibility might differ based on the specific program. Always review guidelines and contact the provider for accurate information.

Where do I get a free tablet? Top 2 Providers

If you don’t know where to get a tablet, I have explained 2 best providers government benefit programs where you can apply for tablet from government. Detail of each provider is given as under:

1. Maxsip Telecom Tablet

It is a company that helps people stay together with the help of various communication services. They are based in NYC, and operate in several US states located in west region.

Maxsip Telecom Website

If you are participant of any government program, Maxsip will give you a tablet with access to unlimited data. It also has an app, where you can check your internet data, and minutes, and also get updates and exclusive packages from this provider. They provide services to various sectors, including education, and Lifeline program.

2. AirTalk Wireless Free Tablet

If you are facing low incomes problem and need a tablet and internet service, you should check out AirTalk Wireless. They’re a phone service company that helps deserving applicants through Lifeline assistance and ACP programs.

Airtalk Wireless website

With AirTalk Wireless, you can get a free government iPhone or tablet, along with many other benefits plus unlimited internet access. With this provider, you can call your family members and friends free of cost. You should find out whether you qualify, and avail your chance to get this free device!

How to Apply for Free Tablet from Government?

After you made it sure that you could become a promising applicant for this tablet, you can apply for free government tablet at once. Online application form to get free tablet might vary depending on provider’s website. I have given proper guidance on application process step by step for your ease:

Prepare DocumentsScan your documents discussed above for creating an attachment along with application form.
Visit Program’s WebsiteGo to official Program’s website, either online and click on “Apply Now” to proceed to application form.
Check Eligibilityreview eligibility criteria on the website, confirming again that you meet their requirements.
Start ApplicationBegin and complete online application form on the website. You can fill out it either online or by using a printable form for manual submission. It is further discussed below.
Submit with DocumentsAttach scanned documents to the online application, review your details, and submit it online or by mail. Now wait for your free government tablets shipment. Shipment time may differ as per provider you have opted.

Guidance on Online Application Form to get Free Tablet

Filling out online application form is the main step which decides your fate of getting free government tablet from any provider. I recommend you to follow my straightforward steps to keep this application process smooth:

Step 1: Visit the website of the provider you chose earlier and open “Online Application” section.

Step 2: Ensure that you meet their terms. Click on “Apply Now.”

Step 3: You will now be required to enter your personal information including your surname and residence details, you might have to confirm your eligibility by sharing income or program information. Attach required documents, such as a monthly income statement or bank statement details.

Free gov Tablet apply

Step 4: You may opt for tablet of your own choosing and double-check the information you added to the form.

Step 5: Click “Submit” to send your application. Wait for an email confirming that your application has been received.

Once your application is approved by the provider, you may expect to receive your tablet from government within a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the online application form to get free tablet?

Visit the official website of the program providing these tablets and look for the “Apply Now” or similar button.

What documents do I need to attach to the online application form?

The required documents may vary, but common ones include proof of income, residency, and eligibility. Check the specific program’s guidelines.

How to apply for free tablet from government?

To apply for a tablet, you can check government programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) or similar ones. Visit the official website for specific application instructions or follow my instructions above.

Does the Assurance Wireless program provide free government tablets?

Some programs, including Assurance Wireless, may offer free government tablets. Check their website for eligibility and application details.

Is there a free government tablet program for students?

Yes, some programs gift tablets to students. Check the eligibility criteria on the program’s website and apply online.

Final Words

As my final statement, getting a free government tablet via gov benefit programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program is now considered a basic need for with low income seniors. Government benefit programs, such as Lifeline and ACP, are trying best to make this happen, providing tablets to seniors, students, and low-income families.

To apply, go to official website of your provider, fill out online application form to get free tablet, and ensure eligibility with required evidences. You can also review other options and consider providers like Maxsip Telecom and AirTalk Wireless.

We also discussed about applying through Assurance Wireless or use your Gmail account, following the outlined steps. If you follow these steps, its unlikely that you will face any problem in this application and approval process.

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