RBC Free iPad Program [How to Apply]

RBC gives iPads to make customers happy, facilitate low-incomes and attract more people to their bank. RBC free iPad is useful devices for talking to friends, having fun and doing work. But such devices are usually costly, and only rich individuals can buy. When RBC offers iPads, it helps people who can’t buy them. This makes those people feel good about the bank. They’re more likely to stay with RBC because they got iPads.

Furthermore, when people see that RBC gives away iPads, they might want to join the bank too. This helps RBC get more customers. So, by giving away iPads, RBC does something nice for people, makes them happy, and gets more customers.

RBC Free iPad

In this post, I will show you how to get a free RBC iPad, about its eligibility criteria and online application process. Let’s start out topic now!

What is a RBC Free iPad Program?

what is RBC

The RBC Free iPad program is a special offer from the Royal Bank of Canada. It lets customers get iPads if they do certain things, like signing up for certain bank services or meeting some requirements. The program is meant to give customers a nice gift that can help them with their banking and other everyday tasks. iPads are cool because you can use them to talk to friends, manage your money, and do lots of other stuff.

RBC gives out these iPads to say thank you to their customers and to attract new ones. It’s like a bonus for choosing RBC for your banking needs. Also, by offering iPads, RBC shows that they care about making banking easier and more fun for their customers. It’s a way for RBC to stand out and show that they’re a modern and customer-friendly bank.

How to get a Free RBC iPad?

how to get RBC Free iPad

Eligibility for the Free RBC iPad Program typically depends on meeting certain criteria set by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). While specific eligibility requirements may vary depending on the terms and conditions of the promotion, typically, customers may need to meet criteria such as:

  1. New personal banking clients: If you were new to RBC’s personal banking services, you could participate. Existing clients couldn’t get it.
  2. Specific account holders: Only people with certain accounts qualified. No Limit Banking account, these were the RBC initials or other RBC account.
  3. Meeting criteria: Just opening the account wasn’t enough. You had to do more things within a certain time. This could include setting up direct deposits or using online banking.
RBC Eligibility

You should carefully review the terms and conditions of the RBC Free iPad Program to check for latest updates regarding the eligibility criteria and any additional requirements or restrictions that may apply.

Moreover, eligibility may be subject to change based on the promotion’s time period and availability. So, it’s important for you to check the rules and see if you’re eligible before you try to get an iPad.

Documents Needed

To get iPad through the Free iPad RBC program, you typically need to provide certain documents and information. Here’s what you may need:

Document RequiredExplanation
IdentificationYou need to show a valid ID like a any license, or any other gov. ID. This proves who you are and helps RBC make sure you’re eligible.
Proof of AddressYou have to provide something that shows your current address, like your bill or account details. This confirms where you live and how RBC can contact you.
Banking InformationIf you’re opening a new account, you’ll need to share details like your Social Insurance Number and financial situation. This helps set up your account.
Additional DocumentationDepending on the promotion’s terms, you might need more documents, such as proof of employment or income. This ensures you meet all the requirements.

It is recommended to keep all these documents ready before applying for the Free RBC iPad program to avoid any delays or issues with your application.

Apply for RBC Free iPad Program

Once you have confirmed your eligibility condition and have also collected the documents, you can now apply for free government iPad via RBC program. Steps involved in this online application process is as follows:

Step 1: Go to RBC’s Website

Open your chrome browser and visit the official website of the Royal Bank of Canada. Look for information on top right corner about iPad offer. You might see it on the main page or under a special promotions section. I have attached a screenshot in this regard for your ease.

RBC homepage
Step 2: Read the Rules

Take some time to read through the rules of the promotion. This helps you understand if you’re eligible and what you need to do.

Step 3: Start the Application

Click on the button or link to open your online application form. You’ll see a form where you need to put in your information. This includes things like your name, address, and contact details.

Step 4: Upload Documents

You might need to upload some documents, like your ID or proof of address. Keep the scanned copy of these documents in any of your devices. Before you submit, review details you typed to ensure its accuracy.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

Once you double checked your personal and professional details, you should now send this online application. Your application will be reviewed by RBC to make sure you meet the requirements. This might take a while.

If your application is approved, you’ll get instructions on how to get your iPad. This could involve picking it up from a outlet or receive it via courier service.

What are Terms and Conditions of the Free iPad RBC Program?

The Terms and Conditions of the RBC Free iPad program are like the rules of a game. They tell you what you need to do to get iPad and what you’re agreeing to by participating. It includes following legal terms:

When It’s AvailableThis tells you when the offer starts and ends. You need to apply within this time frame to be eligible.
Certain Things You Might Need to DoBesides opening an account, there could be other tasks you have to complete to get iPad, like setting up direct deposits or making transactions.
How Many iPads Are AvailableThere might be a limited number of iPads, so it’s important to act quickly if you want one.
Rules About Using the iPadThis section explains any restrictions on how you can use the iPad, like if you can sell it or transfer it to someone else.
What Happens If Things ChangeSometimes, the program might change or end early. This section explains what will happen if that occurs.
What RBC Isn’t Responsible ForThis part talks about things that RBC isn’t responsible for, like if something goes wrong with the iPad.

However, you should also read and understand the terms and conditions before applying for any iPad offer by RBC, so you know what you can expect and what you’re getting into . If anything isn’t clear, you can always ask RBC for more information.

Comparison of RBC Free iPad with Similar iPad Programs

AspectRBC iPad ProgramSimilar Programs
Who Can Get It?Usually for new customers opening certain accounts.Similar promotions might be for new customers opening accounts or meeting other requirements.
TimeframeYou have to apply within a certain period.Other promotions also have a start and end time.
Additional RequirementsBesides opening an account, you might need to do other things like set up direct deposits.Other offers may have additional tasks you need to complete, like making transactions or meeting deposit requirements.
Limited AvailabilityThere’s only a set number of iPads, so you need to act fast.Other promotions may also have a limited number of rewards, so it’s important to apply early.
Rules About Using the RewardYou might have rules about what you can and can’t do with the iPad.Other promotions might also have rules about how you can use the reward, like not being able to sell it.
AmendmentsIf something changes with the offer, you’ll be told what will happen.Similar promotions will let you know if there are any changes to the offer or if it ends early.
ResponsibilityThe bank isn’t responsible for things like if the iPad breaks.Other promotions will also have things the bank isn’t responsible for, like if the reward gets lost.
Getting HelpIf you have questions, you can ask for help.You should be able to get help if you have any query or problem with other promotions too.

FAQs on Free iPads

How can I get a RBC free iPad?

To get a iPad from RBC, you usually need to be a new customer and meet specific requirements, like opening certain accounts. Check RBC’s website for details.

Are there iPads for low-income families?

Some programs offer free iPads for low-income families. You might need to qualify for certain assistance programs or meet eligibility criteria. Check with organizations or government agencies in your area.

Can I get a iPad with EBT or food stamps?

While some programs offer iPads with EBT or food stamps, eligibility requirements vary. Check with your local government or social services department for more information.

Are there free iPads for students?

Some schools or educational programs offer iPads for students. Check with your school or educational institution to see if they have any available programs.

How can I participate in iPad giveaway?

iPad giveaways are often hosted by companies, organizations, or social media influencers. Keep an eye out for announcements and follow the instructions to enter.

Can I get a free government tablet?

Some government assistance programs may provide free tablets to eligible individuals, such as those with disabilities or low-income families. Keep in touch with local government or social services department for latest information.


The RBC Free iPad program lets customers get an iPad by meeting certain requirements. RBC gives iPads to make customers happy and attract new ones. iPads are useful for students and seniors but they can be expensive. By offering iPads, RBC helps people who can’t afford them and makes them feel good about the bank. This encourages them to stay with RBC and attracts others to join.

To apply, you need to be a new RBC customer, open specific accounts, and complete additional tasks. You should also check the terms and conditions and have necessary documents ready. Similar promotions by other banks offer rewards for new customers and have similar requirements and limitations.

Overall, the Free iPad RBC program is a valuable opportunity for to receive a useful tablet and iPad while benefiting from RBC’s banking services.

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