Free iPad for Autistic Child UK Gov [Online Apply]

In the UK, some children with autism face problems with technology. This can be because apps and programs in schools may not be easy for them to use. There aren’t enough special tools or software to help them learn better. Making technology more helpful for these kids is important so they can learn and play like everyone else.

Free iPad for autistic child UK Gov is a very useful initiative from UK government and private organizations. It has special features and apps that make learning easier. Such device may help with talking and learning new things. With iPads, these kids can have fun while they learn and be a part of everything at school.

In this post, I will show you how you can get iPad for Autistic & Disabled child in United Kingdom, what programs are available, eligibility criteria, documentation and application process of each program.

Benefits of Free iPad for Autistic Child UK

Free iPad for Autistic Child UK

This iPad initiative has made lives of Autistic Children a bit easier. These children can benefit from this iPad in their daily routine. Some key benefits of these iPads are as follows:

Communication AssistanceiPads can be equipped with AAC apps and software, aiding non-verbal or minimally verbal autistic children in expressing themselves.
Social InteractionApps designed to enhance social skills, encouraging interaction and communication through engaging activities.
Educational SupportiPads offer a wide range of educational apps customizable to meet the specific learning needs and preferences of autistic children.
Sensory IntegrationInteractive sensory apps on iPads help children manage sensory sensitivities, providing a controlled and adaptable environment.
Visual SupportsiPads assist in creating visual schedules and supports, aiding autistic children in understanding and following routines to reduce anxiety.
Behavioral SupportApps for monitoring and tracking behaviors assist parents and educators in identifying patterns and implementing effective strategies for positive behavior reinforcement.

What is an Autistic Child?

An autistic child UK is a young person who has autism, a neurodevelopmental condition affecting social interaction, communication, and behaviour. Autism varies widely, and individuals may have different strengths and challenges.

About 1 in 100 kids in the UK, which is around 700,000 people (kids and grown-ups), are thought to have autism. Autism is a way our brains work, and it’s good to understand there are many of us who see the world a bit differently.

In the Europe sub-continent, people are trying really hard to help kids with autism do well in school, stay healthy, and have a good life every day. They want these kids to be happy, and become the best they can be.

Can my Autistic Child get a Free iPad UK?

Yes, currently there are 5 best programs available in United Kingdom (UK), which offer free iPad for Autistic child UK, disabled child and students. Each program has its own eligibility and application procedure. I have listed eligibility of each program in detail here!

1. Digital Lifeline

  • The government helps people aged 18 and above with learning problems (like autism) who can’t use the internet. They give free tablets and data.
  • You qualify if you live in England, have a learning problem, and can’t afford the internet or a tablet.
  • Get more info at Good Things Foundation website.

2. Family Fund Grants

  • This group helps families with disabled or very sick kids, including those with autism. They give money to buy important things like iPads.
  • They might help if an iPad can really make your child’s life better.
  • You qualify if you live in the UK, have a low income, and your child needs extra help.
  • Learn more and apply at Family Fund website

3. NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

  • If your child’s autism affects their life a lot and they need ongoing health support, they might get money for equipment like tablets.
  • Talk to your child’s doctors about this.

4. Local Charities and Support Groups

  • Some local groups help families with autistic kids. They might help you get money or a loan for a tablet.
  • Ask your local council, health visitor, or autism groups for help.

5. Second-hand Devices

  • You can buy a used iPad or similar device for less money. Look on websites like Facebook Marketplace.
  • Make sure the device is good for your child and works with the apps they need.

Do you want few tips? First, think about what your child needs from the device, consider apps and features that can support their learning and communication. Next, gather papers that show your child has autism and needs help, like a letter from a doctor. Finally, be patient because it might take some time to get the device, but it can make a big difference for your child.

Documents Required to get Free iPad for Autistic Child UK

While there isn’t a single national program exclusively offering iPad for autistic children in UK, there are different ways to get one at a lower cost or with grant assistance. Here’s what you might need for various programs:

ProgramsRequired Documents
Digital Lifeline– ID proof for both parent and child – Recent utility bill or council tax statement – Medical proof of your child’s learning disability – Proof of low income, such as income tax documents – A statement explaining limited internet access and no suitable device at home.
Family Fund Grants– Completed application form from their website – Proof of your child’s disability through medical or social care documents – Proof of low household income, like benefits documents – Optional supporting letters from healthcare professionals or social workers.
NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)– Completed CHC assessment form with details from healthcare professionals and social workers – Evidence of ongoing support from social services if applicable.
Local Charities and Support Groups– Requirements vary, so contact them directly for info on documents, eligibility, and applying.

Apply and Receive a Free iPad for Autistic Child UK Gov

As mentioned before, qualification criteria and application process of each program differs. To get free iPad for Autistic Child UK, I have discussed application process of each program for your ease!

Digital Lifeline

Digital lifeline website

Step 1: Confirm your child’s age (above 18) and learning disability diagnosis.

Step 2: Sign up on the Good Things Foundation website, fill in the form, and be ready with your documentation. Collect and upload scanned copies of the mentioned documents.

Step 3: Good Things Foundation will review your application, and they might ask for more info. They’ll tell you by email or phone if your application is successful.

Step 4: If approved, you’ll get a new tablet and a data plan sent to your home.

Family Fund Grants

Family Fund Website

Step 1: Go to the Family Fund website, get the form for equipment requests. Keep your necessary documents ready.

Step 2: Send your completed application and documents to the Family Fund. They’ll check your application and may ask for more info.

Step 3: They’ll let you know by email or phone about their decision. If you’re successful, they’ll give you money to buy the device. You’ll need to get the iPad yourself.

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

NHS Continuing Healthcare website

Step 1: This might take a while and involve many steps and checks. Talk to your child’s doctor and social worker to start the CHC assessment. You may also visit their website.

Step 2: The healthcare team will fill in a detailed form about your child’s health needs and equipment requirements.

Step 3: A team will decide if your child qualifies for CHC funding. If approved, they might give money for equipment, like iPads, if it’s needed.

Step 4: You might need to buy the iPad from approved places or healthcare channels.

Local Charities and Support Groups

Get in touch with local charities for families with autistic kids. Ask if they have grants, loans, or discounted tech programs. Each group might have different rules. Follow procedure written on their instruction manual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get a free iPad for autistic child UK?

To obtain iPad for your autistic child in the UK, you can explore government assistance programs, charities, or organizations dedicated to supporting individuals with special needs. Additionally, check if there are specific initiatives aimed at providing assistive technology for children on the autism spectrum.

Who is eligible to receive iPad for disabled child UK Gov?

To get a iPad for a disabled child in the UK, you should check with local authorities or organizations that support disabled children. They’ll consider things like the child’s needs and available funding. Every area might have different rules, so it’s best to ask around.

Are there any government programs offering free iPads for low-income families?

Yes, some government programs may provide assistance to low-income families in acquiring free government tablets & iPads. It’s recommended to check with local social services or community support programs to inquire about eligibility criteria and application procedures.

Can I get iPad by participating in a giveaway from Verizon or T-Mobile?

Yes, some telecommunications companies like Verizon and T-Mobile occasionally run promotions or giveaways that include iPads and tablets. Keep an eye on their official announcements, promotions, or customer loyalty programs to stay informed about any opportunities to receive iPads.

Is it possible to get iPad by using food stamps or EBT benefits?

A: Some programs may offer assistance, including providing iPads, for individuals who qualify for food stamps or EBT benefits. Check with local government agencies, community organizations, or technology initiatives to explore available options and eligibility criteria.


In the UK, many children with autism face challenges with technology accessibility, hindering their learning and communication. The initiative of providing a free iPad for autistic child UK, supported by the government and private organizations, is a significant step toward addressing these issues.

These iPads come equipped with specialized features and apps tailored to facilitate learning and communication for autistic and disabled children, enhancing their participation in school activities and daily life.

By exploring the available programs and understanding their eligibility criteria and application processes, families can access these beneficial resources to support their autistic children’s development. With these efforts, UK government aims to ensure that every child, including those with autism, has equal opportunities to learn and communicate.

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