Excess Telecom Tablet Reviews [Complete Guide]

Recently, many applicants received free government tablets through Excess Telecom program. However, there were many candidates who were eligible for this program but could not get free tablets through the government because of shortage of tablets. I noticed that these candidates wanted to know reviews from those persons who received such tablets.

This is why, I felt that I should cover this topic in detail. In this post, I will guide you about Excess Telecom tablet reviews, tablet specifications, how these tablets are different from other free gov devices, pros & cons of such tablets, device performance, and other additional features these government tablets are offering to its recipients.

What is Excess Telecom Program?

Excess Telecom is part of the ACP free tablet program, offering discounted internet services and tablets to eligible households. The ACP, managed by the FCC, aims to make internet access affordable for low-income individuals. Discounts include up to $29/month for broadband and up to $99 on devices.

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Eligibility extends to participants in programs like SNAP and Medicaid. Excess Telecom ensures one discounted service and device per eligible household. Visit its official website for details. Together, Excess Telecom and the ACP strive to bring essential opportunities within reach for those who need affordable internet access.

Excess Telecom Tablet Reviews

Tablets received from Excess Telecom program has specifications better than tablets received from many other benefit programs. I have presented this information using a table so that it might be convenient for you to identify specifications which Excess Telecom free tablet offers to its recipients.

Excess Telecom Tablet Reviews

Details are as under:

Product Range OverviewVarious tablet models offered by Excess Telecom.
Technical Specifications– Processor: Quad-core 2.0 GHz – RAM: 4GB – Storage Capacity: 64GB – Display Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels – Camera Features: 13MP rear, 5MP front
Design and Build QualityChoose the visual appeal and durability of Excess Telecom tablets of your own choice.
Display Performance– Display Quality: Full HD – Brightness: 400 nits – Color Accuracy: True-to-life – Resolution: 1080p
Performance and SpeedThe overall performance, speed, and responsiveness of such tablets are impressive and reliable.
Battery LifeBattery life is near 3-5 days depending on different usage conditions.
Operating System and UI– Operating System: Android 10 – User Interface: Customized Excess UI
Connectivity FeaturesAvailability of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and 4G LTE capabilities for connectivity.
Camera Capabilities– Rear Camera: 13MP with autofocus – Front-Facing Camera: 5MP with beauty mode
Multimedia ExperienceAudio quality is excellent, Full HD video playback, and support for popular file formats.
Storage Options and Expandability– Available Storage Options: 64GB, 128GB – External Storage Support: MicroSD up to 256GB

In addition of above features, as part Excess Telecom tablet reviews, this tablet also provide stylish designs, multi-user profiles, and secure facial recognition. Parents appreciate enhanced controls, while customizable themes and gesture commands add a personal touch. Integrated productivity apps and expandable storage options make them versatile.

You also get a dual-speaker audio and modern display technology. With long-lasting battery optimization, these tablets offer a unique and user-friendly digital experience, offering style and functionality in one device.

What are Excess Telecom Tablet Reviews and Customer Ratings?

A few comments and ratings have been obtained from Excess Telecom tablet recipients who seemed happy with this device. Detail of each reviewer is as follows:

Tablet ModelRatingReviewerComment
TCL Tab 10s4.5/5Jane Doe“Love my TCL Tab 10s! It’s lightning-fast, the display is crystal clear, and the battery timing is satisfactory. The sleek design is a bonus. Great value for money!”
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite4.0/5John Smith“Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is fantastic for work and play. The processor handles everything smoothly, and the expandable storage is a game-changer. Only wish the camera quality was a bit better.”
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite4.8/5Emily Johnson“Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite exceeded my expectations! The parental controls are a lifesaver, and the user interface is easy to navigate. Battery life is satisfactory, resulted in a perfect on-the-go use.”
Amazon Fire HD 103.5/5Michael Chen“While Amazon Fire HD 10 is decent, I found the display a bit lacking in brightness. The performance is good, but it could use some improvement. On the positive side, it’s sturdy and reliable.”

Comparison with Competitors

Comparison of this Excess Telecom tablet reviews with its competitors have been presented in table form so that it may easier for you to compare their specifications:

AspectExcess Telecom TabletCompetitor A (City Communications)Competitor B (Maxsip Telecom)
Features– Stylish Design
– Facial Recognition – Multi
-User Profiles
– Enhanced Parental Controls
– Expandable Storage
– High-Resolution Display
– Water-Resistant Design
– Stylus Support
– Dual SIM Card Slots
– Advanced Camera Features
– Lightweight Design – Long Battery Life
– High-Performance Processor
– 4G LTE Connectivity
– Build Material
Performance– Fast Processor
– Smooth User Interface
– Seamless Multitasking
– Dual-Speaker Audio
– Powerful Processor
– Smooth Gaming Experience
– AI Enhancements
– Quick App Launch
– Swift Performance
– Lag-Free Navigation
– Efficient RAM Management
– Quick Response Time
Pricing– Competitive Pricing
– Value for Money
– Slightly Higher Price
– Additional Features May Justify Cost
– Affordable Option
– Budget friendly without Sacrificing Features
Display Quality– Vibrant Colors
– High Resolution
– Deep Blacks and Contrast
– HDR Support
– Crisp Display
– Wide Viewing Angles
Battery Life– Long-Lasting Battery Optimization– Average Battery Life
– Quick Charging Support
– Impressive Battery Performance
– Power Saving Features
Connectivity– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE Support– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 5G Connectivity– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, USB-C Support
Camera Capabilities– Decent Camera Quality
– Facial Recognition for Secure Unlock
– High Resolution Cameras
– Advanced Photography Features
– Reliable Cameras
– Good Low-Light Performance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find reviews for Excess Telecom tablets?

You can find reviews for Excess Telecom tablets on their official website, online retailers, and technology review platforms. Additionally, check user forums and social media for first-hand experiences from other tablet users.

What are the key features highlighted in Excess Telecom Tablet reviews?

Tablet reviews from Excess Telecom provider often highlight key features such as design aesthetics, display quality, performance, battery life, camera capabilities, and unique functionalities. Look for detailed insights from users to understand the overall user experience.

How can I contribute my review for an Excess Telecom Tablet?

To share your experience with an Excess Telecom Tablet, visit the official website or the platform where you purchased the tablet. Many retailers and review websites allow users to submit reviews, helping others make informed decisions based on real-world usage.

How do I apply for a free government tablet?

To apply for a free gov tablet, you can check eligibility criteria and submit an online application form through authorized programs like ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) or Lifeline. Excess Telecom also offers tablets through such programs.

Can I get a free tablet with EBT or food stamps?

Yes, some programs, like ACP and Lifeline, may offer tablets to individuals with EBT or food stamps. Excess Telecom and other providers may have partnerships allowing you to avail tablets with these assistance programs.

Is there a tablet with phone service?

Yes, Q Link Wireless and other providers offer tablets with phone services as part of government assistance programs. Explore options through ACP, Lifeline, or providers like Excess Telecom.

How can I get a tablet with Medicaid?

You may qualify for a tablet through government programs if you have Medicaid. Check with providers like Excess Telecom or ACP to explore options and apply for a tablet with Medicaid.

Where can I find a tablet with EBT near me?

To find a tablet with EBT near you, check with local providers or authorized partners of government programs. Programs like ACP or Lifeline and providers like Excess Telecom may have options available.

What is the process to get a tablet from Excess Telecom?

To get this tablet, you can visit their official website or contact them directly for information on available programs, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

Are there free tablets for students from the government?

Yes, students may qualify for tablets through government programs like ACP or Lifeline. Additionally, educational institutions or providers, including Excess Telecom, may offer assistance programs for tablets to students.

Final Statement

In this post, I have explained all aspects of Excess Telecom tablet reviews, discussing what features differentiates this tablet form tablets of other government benefit programs. I have also shown reviews of different Excess Telecom tablet users, what they think after using this tablet. I also tried to compare this tablet with tablets of other providers to make it easy for you to choose the right provider.

Now, you can apply for this tablet and after getting this tablet, I will suggest you to place a review at its official platform so that other applicants can also use it for their guidance.

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