How to get Procreate Free iPad [Guaranteed]

There are many low income families and seniors who need free government tablets which can help them keep in touch with modern applications related to their basic health and education. These devices usually cost higher, which is why it is not possible for low-incomes to buy such gadgets. Procreate identified this gap and recently announced a Procreate Free iPad program for those who meet certain qualification conditions.

Why does Procreate offer iPads? Their ultimate aim is not only to promote Procreate devices (iPhones, tablets, iPads, etc) but also to promote this great concept of helping low-income students, seniors and even Uber drivers by offering iPads. In this post, I will show you how to get a free Procreate iPad, eligibility criteria, documentation needed and steps involved in application process. Let’s begin our discussion now.

Procreate Free iPad

Apply and receive a Procreate Free iPad

By following these steps, you will surely get a Procreate free iPad either on the internet or by sending an online application form through the mail. But keep in mind that you should understand the rules to avoid any problems.

Overall Process Procreate Free iPad

Apply Online

Step 1: Go to the Procreate website, click on “Procreate Login” and enter login credentials.

Step 2: Ensure your eligibility criteria by entering your name and SSN number. Upon entering your credentials, the website will tell you whether you’re eligible for this program.

Step 3: Fill out your personal details, including your family details, professional education and experience, etc.

Step 4: Double-check information you entered and click on “Apply Now”. Procreate website will let you know about your application status via email.

Apply by Mail:

Step 1: Go to official website and download the form from its website.

Step 2: Fill out your online application form and send it to the address they give you.

Step 3: You will get response from your provider via email.

Be careful and don’t give money or personal info to anyone who promises a Procreate free iPad except to Procreate official site.

Qualification Criteria

To get help from the Procreate program, you or any of family member in your home should meet one of these conditions:

Eligibility CriteriaRequirements
IncomeYour family’s money should be the same as or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
Participation in other programsIf you or someone in your home is in programs like Medicaid, SSI, Survivor Benefit, or Lifeline.
Pell Grant recipientIf you got a Pell Grant in the last year or the current year.

To prove your eligibility, they might require to submit required documents like proof of residency (Utility bills, mobile number, etc) & proof of eligibility (This could vary based on your Procreate benefit program category)

Procreate Updates and Features

Procreate Definition

New Opportunities:

Exciting AdditionsProcreate regularly updates, bringing cool new additions like: new brushes, color tools, animation features, and more. Stay trendy and explore fresh ways of doing things.
Smooth ExperienceProcreate will fix bugs and enhance performance, ensuring your art-making flows without interruptions. You can now focus on your art freely.
Try New ThingsExperiment with 3D painting, animation, or customize your brushes creatively. Procreate has various options for your creative needs.

Stay Updated:

Smart InvestmentGetting a free Procreate iPad is not just for today; it’s an investment in your art’s future. Access all the latest features, making sure you have the coolest tools.
Help When You Need ItPurchasing the genuine version means you receive support from the Procreate team. They listen to your concerns and fix issues promptly.
No SurprisesProcreate is a buy-it-once, use-it-forever kind of deal. Say goodbye to hidden costs or monthly bills. Enjoy all the updates and features without worrying about your wallet every month or year.

Comparison of all Free Procreate iPads

Procreate works a bit differently on different iPads. Let’s look at some iPads that people often use with Procreate, and see what they can do:

FeatureiPad ProiPad Air (4th gen)iPad (8th and 9th gen)iPad mini (5th and 6th gen)
Display Sizes12.9-inch, 11-inch, 10.5-inch, 9.7-inch10.9-inch10.2-inch7.9-inch
ProcessorPowerful processorsA14 Bionic chipA12 Bionic chipA12 Bionic chip
Display TechnologyProMotion technology (Smooth display)Liquid Retina displayRetina displayRetina display
Apple Pencil SupportYes2nd generation1st generation1st generation
PerformanceHigh-performanceEfficient performanceGood performanceImproved performance

Alternatives to Procreate Free iPad

If you could not qualify for above eligibility conditions or do not get selected for this program, I know that you might still be interested in finding similar things, so I have gathered other ideas which you can check out:

Try Free Drawing Apps: There are other iPads like Procreate that you can try for free. They might not possess all modern options, but they’re good for testing if you like digital art.

iPad Deals: Even though Procreate doesn’t give away iPads, sometimes you can find good deals, especially during special times like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Also, you might want to look into refurbished iPads, which are usually more affordable.

Art Contests: Some companies or art groups may have contests or giveaways where you could win an iPad. But you might already know that the chances of winning contests are a bit low.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there ways to get Procreate free iPad?

Yes, while Procreate is a paid app, check for any temporary promotions, free trials, or special offers on the App Store. Keep an eye on our website or Procreate’s official social media channels for announcements about giveaways, or events where you might have a chance to acquire the app for free.

How can I get iPad from the government?

Investigate government assistance programs or initiatives aimed at providing electronic devices to individuals in need. Eligibility criteria may vary, and these programs could target specific demographics, such as low-income families, students, or individuals with disabilities. Contact relevant government agencies or check their official websites for information on available programs and application procedures.

Is there a way to get a free iPad for students?

Look into student-specific programs, scholarships, or educational initiatives that offer iPads. Educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or tech companies may have programs aimed at providing students with the tools they need for learning. Check eligibility requirements and application processes for these opportunities.

What are the requirements for receiving iPad with EBT?

Investigate if there are initiatives that offer iPads in exchange for participation in Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) programs. Some organizations or assistance programs may provide electronic devices as part of their support services for eligible individuals or families.

Does Verizon offer iPads, and how can I get one?

Explore Verizon’s promotions or deals that may include Verizon free iPads with certain plans or as part of a limited-time offer. Contact Verizon directly or visit their official website for information on ongoing promotions, eligibility criteria, and the steps required to obtain iPad through their services.

How do I get a free iPad for a deaf or an autistic child in the UK?

Seek information on organizations or programs in the UK that offer iPads for individuals with specific needs, such as those who are deaf or autistic.


In this post, I have shared my experience about Procreate free iPad, including ways of applying for this program (via online application and email address). We also discussed about its eligibility criteria, including income limit and proof of documents to ensure that you’re eligible for this iPad program. We also discussed about latest iPads Procreate is offering and about updates and developments in these iPads.

Now that you know how to do things to get free Procreate iPad, go ahead and receive your iPad following my few simple steps.

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